Founded by Brazilian vocalist and guitarist Noelle dos Anjos (COBRA SPELL, Ex-ALKOHOLIKA) and Murilo Frade on drums, NUNGARA (meaning "equal" in Tupi-Guarani) was born in the heart of Berlin during the summer of 2019. This haunting dark metal power trio is completed with bassist Felix Patzig (HONEY BADGER, N'CH'SH), who joined forces in August 2021.


NUNGARA weaves together mystery, darkness and sheer power to create an exhilarating metal experience. The ethereal female vocals soar through the music in stark contrast to the bone-chilling growls, accompanied by heavy and groovy metal riffs. The band delves into urgent themes that explore the human condition and our place in the world. From stoic philosophy and personal reflections to daily struggles and environmental crises, NUNGARA's words ignite contemplation and inspire change.


In January 2020, NUNGARA released their self-produced debut single, "Sumauma". This track shed light on the devastating fires consuming the Amazon Rainforest, bringing attention to such an alarming environmental issue. In September 2023, NUNGARA independently debuted with their four-track EP "Reflections in Stillness".


NUNGARA invites you to join them on a journey through both darkness and enlightenment. Listen to their music here.


Photo credits: Andreas Gebhard.



EP "Reflections in Stillness" (2020)

Single "Moon Swallower" (2023)

Single "Sumauma" (2020)